I might be able to offer homemade high quality prints soon, which is honestly what I’d prefer to do right now, but I don’t want to compromise on quality, and I’d rather wait and offer my prints through INPRNT (or Redbubble) than send you shitty prints on shitty paper.

INPRNT runs very frequent sales, and whenever they do, I add 10% on top of what they offer.

Prices start from 15$ for art prints, but can go as low as 12$ for mini prints.

Here are links to everything I currently have on my INPRNT shop. If you want anything that’s not listed here, just drop me a message and I’ll add it.

Also my Redbubble has a lot more stuff, and might be cheaper on shipping, but I find their website to be a mess to navigate. So choose your preferred option!

Disclaimer: if you want to support my work, but don’t have the financial means to, please don’t put yourself in a difficult situation! Sharing my work around is more than enough! Any order you make is of course very much appreciated.

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