Here are all the releases I’ve made under the name “Sylfvr”, but this list may be expanded with additional projects over time…

You never know !

I’ve added a few words about them and their inception, if that interests anyone.

All my music can be listened to on all major streaming platforms, but the best way to support my work is through my bandcamp, where you can download everything for free!

I also drop free codes from time to time on my social media to add my releases to your bandcamp collection.

More informations coming soon.

More informations coming soon.

A Nice Evening Stroll


More informations coming soon.

Realm Of Eternal Rain


With tracks as old as 2021, this one was the hardest piece of art I ever tried to get out of my system, but also the one I worked on the most. The result is five tracks of dungeon synth, with a more cohesive aural signature than the previous album (or so I’d like to believe), and maybe a more common theme throughout.

Most of the inspiration for the overall feeling came from the title track, which I found had somewhat of a vague indirect resemblance to the track “Burmecia Kingdom” made for the OST of Final Fantasy IX (the tagline of that zone being “Realm of Eternal Rain, I believe the inspiration becomes obvious… anyway), so I simply decided that the rest of the album should somewhat fit impressions I had and still have while playing the first CD of that game.

Unsurprisingly that’s also my favorite game ever.

The Tower


The first one, where it all began. A fun fact about its inception is that around 2019 (not sure exactly but that must have been around that time), french artisan jeweler Under The Pyramids made a limited Dungeon Synth collection that I absolutely loved, which coincidentally made me listen again to Old Sorcery’s “Realms of Magickal Sorrow”, which in turn sparked something in me. That’s also around that time that I first tried my hand at making music (some of those tracks are still on my Soundcloud) having bought a small midi controller to have a fun and try things out. At that time I had no clue Dungeon Synth was well into its revival, I was just a big fan of Summoning (Lost Tales is my absolute reference from them) and listened to a bit of Old Sorcery but that was about it.

Fast-forward a year later, during a very hot summer, “The Tower” was born in something like two weeks, with a few vocal passage from the Silmarillion and some nonsense I scrapped about a door that lies beyond (still don’t know what that door is, but I really liked speaking about it with an ominous tone), and “A Forest”, for which I made my first ever handmade synth preset that I’m still very proud of. I think that track still holds up quite nicely, but the rest, not as much. Especially that last track that sounds made for another project.

The artwork was an old one, it doesn’t fit the music AT ALL, but a man had no coin alas.