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  • Memoria codes

    Memoria codes

    “Memoria” has been out for almost two weeks, and I’m very pleased to see people listening to it! Find bandcamp codes contained within these hallowed halls.

  • April Recommendations

    April Recommendations

    A bunch of music recommendations from Bandcamp featuring Mahr G’Didj , Lored Legend, Ithildin, Shrouded Gate and Aura Merlin.

  • A Nice Evening Stroll Codes

    A Nice Evening Stroll Codes

    Hi there, here are some codes for my new EP, “A Nice Evening Stroll”, that you can redeem on my Bandcamp.

  • Bandcamp codes

    Bandcamp codes

    Heya! What better way to initiate this fancy new website and its insanely empty blog section with a bunch of Bandcamp codes for my albums? Ten of each, first come, first served.